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Zero is an exclusive club catering to the rich wanting to indulge themselves. It appears in Turn Coat.


Zero is a House Raith business. It's an is an exclusive club of the type one only hears rumors about. It moves around the city from time to time and is very exclusive and popular.

There is a bar and dance floor in the center with cages containing an exotically dressed man or woman. There are stairs and catwalks leading up to platforms trusting from the walls having comfy furnishings, some of it exotic. The lights flash in time to the heavy-bass music. People were everywhere were dressed in a wide array of erotic clothing doing erotic things. 

Harry Dresden assesses that the club is called Zero for: Zero limits, Zero inhibitions, Zero restraint. There is focused abandon, of indulgence, a place full of needs, never sated, always hungry. Zero fulfillment.[1]


This is where Thomas Raith originally met Justine.

Thomas and Justine embrace a long time. She is covered in a flattering white leather outfit including her hands so that she doesn't burn Thomas with her skin. She is a human in love, and he is the White Court vampire who loves her back. True love is harmful, even dangerous to a vampire of House Raith. If a White Court Vampire touches her skin, he or she will immediately get blistering burns where they touched.[1]

In the series[]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Thomas Raith lets Harry Dresden in with a key to meet Justine for information. She gives Dresden a copy of a wanted poster for Donald Morgan offering rewards intended to bring out every kind of supernatural hitter.[1]

While there, Madeline Raith, Thomas's cousin, arrives, vamping it up. She threatens him, getting little reaction besides annoyance. She threatens Justine. He bashes her over the head with a metal chair, breaking it and sending rivets all over the floor. He then pins her to a table using the chopsticks that held up Justine's hair. He holds her down and lets Justine kiss Madeline's forehead and strands of Justine's hair runs the full length of Madeline's body, burning the flesh along the way as Madeline screams and writhes in pain. As Thomas walks away, he says their House has firm rules on poaching: Madeline deserved it; she had to be shown.[2]


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