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Yuki Yoshimo (also Yukie Yoshimo) is a female Warden of the White Council. She first appears in Dead Beat.


Yoshimo is a trainee recruited to fight the Heirs of Kemmler and to stop the Darkhallow from being performed on Halloween. She is recruited because of the serious shortage of Wardens caused by the War.[1][2]

Yoshimo is of Asian descent.[1] She is distantly related to Shiro Yoshimo, and possibly also a descendant of Shō Tai,[Footnote 1] the last King of Okinawa.[Footnote 2].[3]


Yoshimo's magic specialty is wind control.[4]

In the series[]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, Yoshimo is a young Warden, fighting under Anastasia Luccio's command and brought to Chicago where she mmets Harry Dresden at McAnally's Pub.[1][2] She breaks her thigh in the fighting.[5]

"War Cry"[]


Harry Dresden, Carlos Ramirez, Bill Meyers and Yuki Yoshimo by Stjepan Sejic

In "War Cry", Yuki's leg has healed, allowing her to lead her fellow Wardens in a run to Montezuma. There, she joins in the defense of a group of Venatori guarding a shoggoth and is captured with Carlos Ramirez by Baron Bravosa.[4]

White Night[]

In White Night, Harry Dresden contacts her to inquire about her family tree to see if she is related to Shiro Yoshimo, which she distantly is.[3]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, she is part of the Council's delegation to the gathering of accorded nations. Before the event, she and the other Wardens confront Dresden about his connections with the White Court, and she performs a divination spell on him to ascertain whether he has had sexual relations in the last few hours.[6] During the opening of the talks, a Sidhe musician who is attracted to her tries to mind-control her, but it did not work for long, and the event causes a minor disturbance in the evening.[7]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, she takes part in the defense of Chicago from the Fomor and the Last Titan. Yoshimo is part of a group including Harry Dresden, Wild Bill, Carlos Ramirez, Chandler, and River Shoulders that engages a group of Black Court vampires led by Drakul to perform necromancy in Graceland Cemetery.[8] After a short fight, Yoshimo is murdered by the vampires, who escape with her corpse.[9]



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