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Yoshimo is a female Warden trainee of the White Council. She first appears in Dead Beat.


Yoshimo is a trainee recruited to fight the Heirs of Kemmler and their zombies and to stop the Darkhallow from being performed on Halloween. She was recruited because of sudden serious shortage of wardens due to The War.[1]


Yoshimo is of Asian descent.[2] She is distantly related to Shiro Yoshimo, and possibly also a descendant of Shō Tai, the last King of Okinawa.[3]

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Dead BeatEdit

In Dead Beat, Yoshimo is a young Warden, fighting under Anastasia Luccio's command and brought to Chicago where she met Harry Dresden at McAnally's Pub.[1] She broke her thigh in the fighting.[4]

White NightEdit

In White Night, Harry Dresden contacted her to inquire about her family tree to see if she was related to Shiro Yoshimo, which she was, distantly.[3]


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