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Wyldfae are faeries not bound to the Faerie Courts.


Wyldfae don't side with either of the Faerie CourtsSummer or Winter—they usually just do their work and pay little attention to the courts.[1]

In the event of war, the Wyldfae will associate themselves with the side that they are most inclined to. According to Toot-Toot most of the "nice" wyldfae go to Summer and the "mean" ones go to Winter.[1]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

Harry Dresden encountered the ogre Grum at Ronald Reuel's apartment.[2] Dresden considered that since ogres are Wyldfae and can work for either Court, and he pondered how Grum is different from the average ogre. Dresden then wonders who Grum is working for.[3]

Toot-Toot told Dresden that the "drawing of the wyldfae" has started—he's already seen some of them going to either Winter or Summer. Toot and his pixie friends have all armed themselves because it signals trouble.[1]


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