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Wrigley Field[Footnote 1] is the home of the Cubs Baseball Team.[Footnote 2] It mainly appears in Death Masks and is briefly mentioned in various books.


Wrigley Field is the site of the duel between Harry Dresden and Paolo Ortega.[1]

Location: it is in the neighborhood of Wrigleyville which is part of the Lake View area, in the city of Chicago at the corner of Clark and Addison.


Wrigleyville[Footnote 3] is the area surrounding Wrigley Field. It gets mentioned at various times in the series since the Carpenter home is near there—in a neighborhood west of Wrigley Field.[2]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, after the meeting of the seconds at McAnally's Pub to set the terms of the duel, Shiro Yoshimo, acting as Harry Dresden's second, told Dresden that the Duel with Paolo Ortega would take place at Wrigley Field at sundown the next day.[3]

When Shiro was taken captive by Nicodemus Archleone in exchange for Dresden's freedom, Dresden takes Susan Rodriguez as his new second to the Duel with Ortega. The Archive and Jared Kincaid over-see things. The duel is a Duel of Wills and of that Ivy chose a mordite a material from Outside that kills by disintegration immediately upon contact. During the duel, the moment Dresden eventually gets the advantage, Ortega draws a gun from under his flesh mask. Then Ortega gets shot from a sniper and all battle breaks out with the Red Court vampires attacking everyone. Susan gets hurt and Kincaid performs impossible tasks in defending Ivy, while never missing a shot. Ivy asked Kincaid who broke the sanctity of the duel first. he told her that he couldn't tell but Dresden was winning. Which settle the duel. Ortega had escaped during the fighting. Kincaid told Dresden that he'd hook him up with the guy who got him the incendiary rounds he used on the Reds.[4]


In "Curses", Wrigley Field is the site of the Billy Goat curse cast on the Chicago Cubs[Footnote 2] keep them from winning the World Series.[Footnote 4] Harry Dresden and Bob investigate the physical spell placed there, then Dresden attends a game with Gwynn ap Nudd.[5]



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