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Winter Court

The Winter Law is the law of the realm of the Winter Court. It is first mentioned in Wild Card.


The Winter Law is an emanation of Mab.[1] Winter vassals are physically incapable of breaking it.[2]

Winter Law on prisoners[]

The Winter Law on prisoners is similar to the laws of hospitality

Accepted prisoner status by a Faerie, under Winter Law, implies that the prisoner cannot try to escape or resist, while his captor must care for his needs, cannot mistreat him, or have him betray previous covenants - he is a guest by law, though in many aspects he is more of a vassal to the captor, to do with, within limits, as the captor pleases. The prisoner's liege may ransom him, if he wants him back.[1]

In the series[]

"Wild Card"[]

In "Wild Card", Winter Law prevents The Leanansidhe from fully interfering in the fight between Puck and Harry Dresden, as the Fae can invoke a debt Mab incurred with him a long time earlier.[3]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, when Captain Hook tries to escape, Toot-Toot stops her and invokes Winter Law as a prisoner when it looks like Toot would beat her. That essentially makes Hook a vassal to Harry Dresden.[1]

When Dresden attempts to defy Winter Law, the Winter Knight's Mantle leaves him and he loses the use of his legs and is under great pain. His worst fears come true and he realizes that he has better learn Winter Law fast. The Mantle comes back and his health is restored. Dresden tries to ask Toot how he can learn Winter Law and Toot is perplexed by the question. Toot comments: "You don't learn it, you know it. Everyone knows it."[1]

"Cold Case"[]

In "Cold Case",

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