The Willoughbys are Harry Dresden's upstairs neighbors. They first appear in Small Favor.


The Willoughbys are elderly. Their landlady is Mrs. Spunkelcrief who is very heard of hearing.[1]

They reside on the second floor of the boarding house that Harry Dresden rents the basement apartment in. There are exterior stairs running up to their apartment.[1] They are located near the front of the house.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Small FavorEdit

In Small Favor, Harry Dresden shovels the walkway to their stairs for them, and the walkway to the mailboxes. Since they are elderly, they would be stuck in their house.[1]


In Changes, after the Eebs set the house on fire and Harry Dresden escapes his place through his ceiling, and rescues Mrs. Spunkelcrief, Dresden attempts to rescue them by ladder with a possibly broken leg, falls and breaks his back. Mrs. Spunkelcrief makes a try at it but can't due to a bad hip. Sanya appears just in time to rescue them. Sanya easily comes down the ladder with Mrs. Willoughby draped over his shoulder and supporting her weight.[2]


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