The Wild Hunt is a gathering of some of the more predatory beings of Faerie. The Erlking is one of the beings who can call up the Wild Hunt. 


The Wild Hunt is a gathering of black hounds the size of horses with glowing red eyes, lead by a stag-horned hunter on a black horse. It usually appears in the autumn or winter and usually with storms and rough weather.[1]

There are several figures who can lead the Wild Hunt, none of which very friendly. Extremely dangerous, the Hunt will kill anything and anyone in its path, and there is a rumor that a target can avoid being hunted by joining the Hunt. Harry Dresden never met anyone who met the Hunt and survived. Possibly they won't hunt who they think is another predator.[1]

Mab tells Harry Dresden that the Erlking can call the spirits of fallen hunters—the energy of the hunt: excitement, hunger and bloodlust. He can call those spirits in the forms of great black hounds, then ride the winds and forests of the Wild Hunt. Shades will rise to the sound of the horn and join the hunt. The spectres are most potent.[2]

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Dead BeatEdit

In Dead BeatMab lets Harry Dresden know that the Heirs of Kemmler want to call up Erlking to raise ancient and powerful spirits to devour them for power. Their master had learned a way to to bind his will to shades, not just the dead (the method is found in The Word of Kemmler).[2] Dresden Summoned the Erlking to trap him to prevent the Heirs from using him and therefore stop the Darkhallow. But Cowl gets the drop on Dresden and releases the Erlking who takes off leading the Hunt through Chicago.[3]

Proven GuiltyEdit

In Proven Guilty, Thomas Raith told Dresden that he had joined the Wild Hunt the previous year.[4] While at Arctis Tor, Dresden hears the Erlking and the Hunt coming after him.[5]> Later, The Erlking found Dresden, told him that he liked him and found him poor game at the moment so he'd leave him alone. But warned Dresden that he'd run him down if their paths crossed again.[6]

Cold DaysEdit

In Cold Days, Eldest Gruff turned down joining the Hunt.[7] Harry Dresden was chased by the Wild Hunt led by the Erlking and including Kringle.[8] Dresden took over the Wild Hunt and led it against He Who Walks Before and other Outsiders who are attempting to release the Naagloshii buried under Demonreach.[9]


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