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Wild Card is a six-issue graphic novel mini-series published in 2016, written by author Jim Butcher and Mark Powers. Pencilled by Carlos Gomez and Sean Izaakse, with covers by Carlos Gomez and Mohan. It is set between Small Favor and Turn Coat.[1]


A series of murders plagues Chicago. Two young women are found dead with no cause for it; a House Raith vampire is sent as a warning to Lara Raith; a police patrolman is killed near a gas station and a collector for John Marcone appears to be fallen by the police. Tension is rising and war brewing.

Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy, however, have their doubts, and a fae engages Murphy in a chase and a fight; being a very old fae, Puck seeks relief to his boredom, and he finds it in mischief and violence, in increasingly stronger doses.

A posse, uneasily composed by policemen, vampires and criminals and directed by Dresden, is assembled to Damen Silos and surrounds Puck, but finds him impossible to kill or banish. Harry Dresden, however, engages him in a game of poker, which the fae accepts.

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