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The Water Beetle is a trawler boat owned by Thomas Raith.[1] It first appears in White Night.


Boat from Jaws screenshot

Boat in Jaws.

The boat is described as "stunt double for the boat in Jaws."[1]

Harry Dresden describes it as an ancient, battered commercial fishing boat. Thomas Raith once told him it was a trawler. It's forty-two feet long, and desperately needs some paint—its white hull had faded to grey and smoke-smudged black. The only fresh paint was the lettering for its name: Water Beetle. It had originally been built for charter use on the open sea, so it had some muscle.[1]

The Water Beetle has a secret compartment large enough to hide several women and their children. Thomas Raith keeps it at Burnham Harbor.[2]

In the series[]

White Night[]

It is introduced in White Night as Thomas Raith uses the boat to shelter and move practitioners he is protecting to safety. Some of the women are from Ordo Lebes, including Olivia.

While Harry Dresden and Elaine Mallory are there investigating the whereabouts of Olivia and why Thomas has been so secretive, they are attacked by many ghouls. Dresden draws the heat from Lake Michigan causing ice to form so the women and children can escape from the boat under siege over the ice to a far dock.[3]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, when Thomas Raith, with Karrin Murphy, comes to retrieve Harry Dresden from Lake Michigan, he had to wait for Dresden to get outside the reef. Deirdre Archleone tries to get Dresden as he's getting into the boat. Murphy pulls Fidelacchius out of its scabbard and it shines light so bright, Deirdre leaves underwater. They get away.[4]

Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith take the boat an unknown number of times to visit Demonreach during the time period between Small Favor and Turn Coat. Thomas had been teaching Dresden how to handle the boat.[1]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn CoatHarry Dresden takes the Water Beetle to Demonreach twice. First when he takes a preliminary trip to perform Sanctum invocation and names the island.[1] He goes back to Chicago to further set things in motion, especially to get Shagnasty, the Naagloshii, there with his brother. Then he returns on the Beetle to rescue Thomas Raith. [1]


In Changes,

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In Aftermath, the Water Beetle is subject to intense scrutiny as the scene of Harry Dresden's murder.[5]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, the Water Beetle carries Harry Dresden, Molly Carpenter and Thomas Raith to Demonreach and back, when Dresden needs information on the attack on the island.[6]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks,

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Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground,

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