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The Warden swords are weapons handmade especially for the Wardens' use by Anastasia Luccio. They are supernaturally sharp and able to cut through any enchantment.[1] They first appear in Storm Front.


The swords are famous among supernatural circles and are always seen in the hands of a Warden.[2] After Luccio's body was stolen, she lost the ability to make swords for new wardens such as Harry Dresden.[3][2]

Made of silver and supernaturally sharp, they have been seen undoing complex, powerful magic at the will of the wielder; to do so, they must be tailored specifically to each individual Warden.[3] Donald Morgan's sword was also the symbol of the authority given to him by the White Council.[1]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front, Donald Morgan draws his sword on Harry Dresden as the two discuss whether or not Dresden broke the Fourth Law of Magic by summoning Toot-Toot.[1]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, Harry Dresden watches as Luccio wields her sword against zombies. He feels a humming surge of power emanate from it; whenever the blade touches a zombie, there is a flash of light. The sword is later used to destroy a specter.[4]

White Night[]

In White NightHarry Dresden assumes Luccio never made him a sword because he wasn't trusted, but she explains that she can no longer make the swords after the Corpsetaker forced her into a new body. She doesn't know if she'll ever get the ability back.[3]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Waldo Butters and Daniel Carpenter pretended to be Wardens to rescue Father Forthill from Aristedes. Aristedes saw through the ruse when he noticed that they carry no swords.[2]


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