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War Cry is a five-issue graphic novel mini-series published in 2014, written by authors Jim Butcher and Mark Powers, with pencils by Carlos Gomez, colors by Mohan, and letters by Bill Tortolini; the cover was done by Stjepan Sejic. It is set four months after Dead Beat.[1]


The Red Court and the White Council are at war, and the vampires are winning; a fight broken out in Palermo, Sicily, and the resulting mass killing in a Congo hospital has left the White Council spent and undermanned.

Harry Dresden and three veterans of Palermo, Yuki Yoshimo, Carlos Ramirez, and Bill Meyers are dispatched to Montezuma, IA, to extract a small group of Venatori, besieged by the Red Court; arriving after nightfall they're forced to engage battle with the vampires.

The vampire leader, Baron Bravosa, offers safeconduct to the Wardens, which Dresden refuses, while Ramirez checks the building to gather intelligence about the motivations of both the Red Court and the Venatori - the presence in the house's cellar of a shoggoth, forbidden by the Laws of Magic.

The fight escalates with the arrival of Thomas Raith, in support of his brother and the Venatori, and a cadre of White Court soldiers, in aid of the Red Court; the situation is tipped in favor of the latter, until Dresden releases the Shoggoth, which overturns events in favor of the Wardens and the Venatori. Dresden and Raith lead the Shoggoth to an abandoned quarry, where it kills Bravosa before it is destroyed by fire.

Samuel Peabody, who was ultimately responsible for the presence of the shoggoth, considers it a temporary setback - another weapon will take its place.

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