Dr. Waldo Butters is a medical examiner[Footnote 1] in Chicago. He first appears in Death Masks.[1]


Waldo Butters is a small man, with no magical ability(reference needed) and no initial competence in dealing with the supernatural, but provided with a strong sense of honesty, integrity and moral courage, which help him in his growth in the community.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Waldo Butters grows from a shy person plagued by an inferiority complex and a passion for polka music, providing his services as medical examiner to Karrin Murphy[1] and medical help to Harry Dresden[2] to an influential member of the Chicago Alliance[3] and ultimately a Knights of the Cross.[4]


According to Jim Butcher, Butter's tagline throughout the series makes the acronym "PWN(E)D," and he was shocked that the fan who asked the question had noticed.[5]


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