Voodoo (among multiple spellings) indicates a series of similar and interrelated religions originating in West Africa and spread into Central America and southern U.S., along with the Atlantic slave trade.[Footnote 1]


Voodoo is a sincretic religion,[Footnote 2] combining the world creators of both original religions, and the system of spirits originating in West Africa with the Catholic[Footnote 3] hierarchy of angels and saints in entities called Loa. Worship, including to ancestors, is often mediated by high rank initiates, if not full priests, under the name of houngan[Footnote 4] and mambo, which practice white magic.[Footnote 5] Practitioners of both white and black magic are called bokor (caplata if women).[Footnote 6]

Prominent in the Haitian and Lousiana Voodoo is the worship of the Loa,[Footnote 7] which are both prayed to and served, and who can possess a human host, during the ceremonies in their honor.

In the seriesEdit

Death MasksEdit

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden summons Ulsharavas, a spirit allied to the Loa, for informations on the location of the Shroud of Turin.[1]


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