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Vittorio Malvora, also known as Grey Cloak or Vitto,[1] is a White Court vampire and a son of Lady Cesarina Malvora.[2] He first appears in White Night.


Throughout the majority of White Night, he is identified as a tall man in a grey cloak. That description causes most of the local magic community to mistakenly think that the killer of practitioners is Harry Dresden, a Warden.[3][4]

Dresden gets a look at his face for the barest instant, but describes him as in his mid-thirties, tall, lean and wolfish,[5] and nicknames him Grey Cloak before learning his name.[6]

In the series[]

White Night[]

In White Night, Malvora was involved in a plot to "cull" magically attuned women in an attempt to limit the long term power of humanity and as part of a power play within the White Court.[7] While Harry Dresden was investigating the dead women, Malvora attempted to kill him with fire bombs, and Dresden eventually managed to track him to his subterranean lab using Little Chicago.

While following Vittorio using a tracking spell and Little Chicago, Dresden witnessed him meeting someone in a park, later identified as Madrigal Raith.[8] Then Dresden follows him through Undertown and witnesses him communicating with Cowl, thus tying him to the “Black Council” conspiracy.[5]

Dresden and Carlos Ramirez challenged Malvora and Madrigal Raith to a duel for killing members of the magical community.[9] It took place during a White Court summit in the Deeps on the Raith estate[10] that devolved into a massive battle,[11] during which Vittorio Malvora was possessed by an Outsider and assisted by Cowl.[12] The conclusion of the battle involved Dresden blowing everything to kingdom come, presumably including Malvora.[13]

"Wild Card"[]

In "Wild Card", his relation with Madrigal Raith is mentioned as exposing Lara Raith's weak position in the White Court at the time.[14]


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