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Vincent Graver is a private detective and former vice officer from Joliet Police Department. He first appears in Turn Coat.


Vince Graver is described as a man in his late 20s, with clean-cut medium-length brown hair, and brown eyes. He is overall unexceptional in every way, making him an ideal PI.[1]

He drives a blue Mercedes, and his house is mortgaged.[1][2]


In Turn Coat, Graver is hired by Evelyn Derek to spy on Harry Dresden.[1]

Graver was a vice officer from Joliet Police Department. He resigned after being assigned to the Special Investigations as punishment for trying to prosecute a Chicago city council member. Harry Dresden, learning of his resignation, is impressed with his integrity, subcontracts detective work to him.[2]

By the end of Turn Coat, he and Molly Carpenter are heavily implied to be interested in one another.[1]

In the series[]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Dresden has Toot-Toot find him, and then disable his car. Dresden calls him down and they talk. Vince knows that Dresden used to work for Nicholas Christian at Ragged Angel Investigations.Upon learning that his information led to hired-hits on Dresden and that people got hurt and killed, he quits right then. But he refuses to state who hired him. Dresden is impressed by his integrity and gets his card. Molly goes and sits with him for a while and returns with the name of Evelyn Derek.[1]

Later, Dresden hires him to tail Binder who goes to the Hotel Sax, he listened in on the cabbie's CB, give Dresden an ETA of eighteen minutes.[2] And later, he has Vince take pictures of people leaving the Way from White Council headquarters[3] for evidence at Morgan's trial.[4]

Word of Jim[]

Jim Butcher has stated that Vince Graver turned out cooler than he meant him to be, and thus will probably show up again in future books.[5]


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