Dresden Files

Victor Sells' lake house is mentioned in Storm Front.


The lake house is located in Lake Providence.[1]

It is an expensive house, though smaller than the other dwellings in the community, and is developed in two levels, very modern, with a lot of glass and smoothed over wood.[2]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

Monica Sells tells Harry Dresden it is a likely place to start the search for her missing husband.[1]

Harry Dresden looks around the outside of the house but does not enter because he doesn't want to deal with the threshold or the security system. Finding a few leads, Dresden leaves. Later in the investigation, Dresden discovers the identity of Jennifer Stanton and Tommy Tomm's murderer is Monica Sells missing husband, and the two cases are connected. Dresden comes back to confront Victor Sells to prevent him from killing any more people. The two have a showdown upstairs, during which Sells sets fire to the rafters. The two continue to fight as the building burns. Dresden manages to release the toad demon Kalshazzak from Sells' control and knocks both off the edge of the upstairs railing where Sells is stung to death by large scorpion constructs. The house burned to the ground, and Dresden was rescued by Donald Morgan.[3]

Dresden looked at the house using his Sight, before entering it to fight Sells. He saw death and fire in the house's possible futures, and that the place was surrounded by spirits that feed on negative energy. He said that the house looked foul. It seethed with negative energy anger, pride, and lust, along with greed and hatred. The black magic surrounding the house was enough to tempt Dresden to use its power to destroy the house outright, along with Sells and the Beckitts, violating the first law of magic. Then Dresden feels a hand holding his. He thinks of his mother and his belief that magic comes from life itself. His mind clears and the feeling of a hand in his fades.[4]


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