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Verisimilomancy is the magic of illusion. The first mention of the name is in Ghost Story, although it has been used several times in the series since Harry Dresden first started to mentor Molly Carpenter.


Verisimolmancy includes the capability of making veils,[1] phantasms, or illusions planted in the target's mind, and holograms, images visible outside of it.[2] The only limits of verisimilomancy is the caster's imagination and power. The larger the area effected the more power it takes. These illusions can be both visual and auditory.[3] Leanansidhe uses the term in Ghost Story when referring to Molly Carpenter's powers of illusion.[1]

The White Council doesn't put much stock in illusion magic because anyone with the Sight could nullify it by Seeing right through it. Once the subject that the illusion is directed at suspects illusion, the game is over—they can find the source by simply following footsteps or other measures.[1]

Molly Carpenter frequently uses Verisimilomancy to create bright lights; she calls this her one-woman rave spell.[3] She can also create false images of herself, veils to become invisible, and even conceal her smell to some degree.[4]

Lash uses several illusions on Dresden that feel completely real.[5]

In the series[]


In Changes, Molly Carpenter puts on her light and noise show—"One Woman Rave spell"—to good use distracting the Ik'k'uox and off an injured Harry Dresden who couldn't move, buying time for Thomas Raith and Mouse to get back in action.[3] In Chichén Itzá, she does the spell again to aid in the Ball Court battle against the Red Court.[6]

Harry Dresden uses a hologram of Murphy, Barry Tilly, Rudolph while FBI Headquarters is under attack by the Eebs and the Ik'k'uox in order to allow their escape. Dresden uses the words: Lumen, camerus, fractum![2]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Molly Carpenter cast her most elaborate illusion when fighting Fomor servitors for the Fomor. Six Mollys run in several different directions, some even doing acrobatic-type maneuvers. Harry Dresden said "My gast was pretty well flabbered." She also produced the sound and flashing light illusion of approaching police so that the servitors ran off.[1]


In Bombshells, Molly Carpenter casts the "One Woman Rave Spell" to confuse the Ambassador's servitors.[7]

Cold Case[]

In Cold Case, Molly Carpenter casts the rave spell in her rescue of the Miksani children in the Holy Ascension of Our Lord Cathedral.[8]


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