Hello! My name is Steve, obviously. :3

So I've been a fan of Dresden for a while, now. While I love reading the books, I also love writing original characters and roleplaying within particular universes I take interest in. Urban fantasy? Heck yes!

So I looks around Google and, to my surprise, I don't see a Dresdenverse Fanon anywhere.


On the drop of a hat, I'd go in and build one straightaway. However, loneliness can be a terrible thing after spending time and brainpower on something meant for others to enjoy.

So, I'd like to know if people on here and/or fans of the Dresdenverse from across the Interwebs would like there to be a central place for fanfiction, original characters, and roleplaying in the Dresdenverse. I'd also like to know if folks would be able to help build the Fanon Wiki and help regulate and be on the staff.

As much as I love the Dresden Files; its setting, lore, and politics within it, I don't want to have my time and creative resources wasted on something people won't use and just leave it empty.

So, Fanon? Or no Fanon?