I wanted to ask fans of the series if anyone else has noticed the foreshadowing hinted at tied to Harry's birth; it seems to me that his birth date is supposed to be a rare confluence of events that gives him unique powers; however there are 8,000,000 people in average who share anyone's particular day of birth. So stay with me here, there are 8,000,000 "starborn"(colddays Mauve) divided by 24hours  = 333,333 people born in any particular hour, divided by 60seconds = 5,555 on any specific second of that day. My question is, why do none of these 8 MILLION other people matter to the balance of the forces at play?

6,000,000,000 people on earth, divided by roughly 10,000 white counsel recognized wizards = 1/600,000 people will be born with enough power to become a wizard in Harry's world, or about 12 on any given day of the year... 12 wizards born EVERY day of EVERY year, there should be others who could fill Harry's role of at least someone has to actively be hunting down anyone born on Halloween... Which would kinda be noticeable thing.