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Ulsharavas is an oracle spirit, an ally of the Loa. She first appears in Death Masks


Should you seek the Shroud, Harry Dresden, you will most assuredly perish. If you do not, they all die. And this city with them.— Ulsharavas reciting a prophecy to Harry Dresden[1][2]

Ulsharavas is an oracle spirit and a pretty gentle guide, one who usually isn't malicious. The Loa are basically good guys, but have darker sides. Ulsharavas has been harsh before.[1]

Harry Dresden consults Dumont's Guide to Divination for how to summon this Oracle Spirit. A cabbage patch doll is required to provide her a homunculus, because the spirit cannot create its own body. A freshly opened tin of Prince Albert's chewing tobacco and a cup of whiskey are also needed as downpayment for her appearance.[1]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden needs information on where the Shroud of Turin is, and since he is unable to get anything on it, Dresden summons Ulsharavas. She'll trade the information for an answer to why Dresden does what he does. He does not know. Ulsharavas said the Shroud and the thieves are on yacht called Etranger in Burnham Harbor.[1]

Ulsharavas informs Dresden about a prophecy about him and the Shroud that his Knight friends had received. She says that their adversary blocked part of it.


Ulsharavas calls Harry Dresden a bokor, saying he's not a houngan, so that makes Harry Dresden a sorcerer, which Dresden denies. Ulsharavas says she can feel black magic on him. Dresden replies states that most of it's not his, and what is, is because he made a bad call or two.[1]


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