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Trixie Vixen, born as Tricia Scrump, is a porn actress. She first appears in Blood Rites.


Joan Dallas describes her as self-absorbed and egotistical, playing the princess, showing up late and high as a kite, doing exactly as she pleases, and with the rest of the cast following suit.[1]

Harry Dresden describes Trixie as the most vacuous, conceited, small-minded, petty, and self-absorbed baddie he's ever snooped out.[2]


She became the third wife of Arturo Genosa, but they divorced. She was an idiot who, fortunately for him, always got Harry Dresden's name wrong, constantly calling him Larry or Barry.[2]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Arturo Genosa told Dresden that she's the star of his current film despite being his ex-wife due to contractual obligations. Arturo does not think Trixie is involved with killing the people around him.[3] Trixie make a flashy, over-bearing and late entrance on the film set, making all kinds of demands. She's upset at Arturo for hiring Lara Romany to replace Giselle. When Lara entered, Dresden got the sense that Trixie was afraid of her.[4]

Trixie held a gun to Harry Dresden to keep him from stopping the entropy curse, the Malocchio, that is about to land on Emma, targeted there at the studio. Trixie told Dresden that she broke the Sacred Circle that he set up with Jake Guffie. Dresden tried to get free to stop the curse on time, but Trixie's gun went off while shooting at Dresden and two shots go through the door hitting Emma exactly as though it was a professional hit. Dresden has to run because Trixie will point the finger at him.[5] That backfired because she refused to ever get his name right.[2]

She is in the Deeps with Madge Shelly and Lord Raith. She claims part credit for helping to sacrifice Lucille Delarossa, the second of the ex-wives. Madge slapps her then zaps her with some spell that gags her. Then Lord Raith heaves her into the deep chasm that the Raiths use for disposing of bodies. She can't scream to her death.[6]


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