Dresden Files

Torelli is a mid-level thug in John Marcone's organization. He first appears in Small Favor.


A big guy, late forties, with an ongoing romance with beer, or maybe pasta. He wore his heart on his potbelly.Harry Dresden on Torelli[1]

Torelli is described as a big guy, in his late forties, with a potbelly. He wears a well-tailored suit, a shoulder rig and a side arm. Dresden assesses him as being used to getting his way if he looms and scowls enough, and Ms. Demeter implies that his job within Marcone's organization involves selling some kind of narcotic.[1]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Torelli tries to take over John Marcone's operation. At his first appearance he walks into Ms. Demeter's office at Executive Priority Health, while in the middle of a meeting with Dresden. Torelli splits his thugs in two groups, two entering with him, two remaining at the door. He demands bank accounts, passwords, records, etc. When he sends in two of his thugs to work-over Demeter, Dresden gets involved, disarms and disables them. Torelli points a gun in Dresden's face, but Thomas Raith gets the drop on him with his Desert Eagle and takes the gun. One the other thugs was lying toes-up outside the door and the other was unseen. Dresden tells Torelli to leave and not to return.[1]

Later, two of Torelli's thugs rear-end Dresden while riding in Murphy's Saturn with Molly Carpenter, Mouse, and Murphy driving through snow and ice. One shoots Murphy, and Carpenter veils her while providing first aid. Dresden shoots one thug, and engages the other, Bart, in discussion. Bart, who is just a part-time hired gun, points the finger at Torelli.[2]

Dresden confronts Ms. Demeter for giving the location on Marcone's panic room to the Denarians. This time, Torelli takes the fall for her actions.[3]


In Changes, Harry Dresden confronts the hitman Stevie D, and mentions he heard he did Torelli a few years before. It seems that Marcone had him killed.[4]


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