Toot-Toot, or Toot, is one of the Wee Folk; a dew drop faerie who starts out as Wyldfae belonging to neither court. Eventually he becomes a winterfae because he is beholden to Harry Dresden who becomes the Winter Knight. He first appears in Storm Front.


Toot-Toot is a "polevoi", a wood elf,[Footnote 1] whom Harry Dresden resorts to for information gathering and espionage.[1] He becomes the leader of the Za-Lord's Guard.[2]

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Initially unwilling to fulfill Harry Dresden's requests, Toot-toot, fulfills more and more happily when he gets pizza delivered, something he's very fond of.[1]

Due to his association to Dresden, he increases in size and power, and associates himself to Winter Court when Dresden becomes the Winter Knight.[3]

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It’s due to Harry’s actions, mostly. Toot done hitched his star to Harry’s wagon. As a result, he’s taken actions he never would have taken on his own, some of which had major consequences. Toot has effectively become a much more powerful being than he was as an independent dewdrop faerie. The physical growth is a reflection of that fact.
I mean gosh, where do you think the Sidhe came from in the first place?
Jim Butcher, on Toot-Toot’s increase in size.[6]
Time, effort, and will. Keep an eye on Toot-Toot.Jim Butcher, on how faeries gain power.[7]


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