Tony Vargassi was a human male, and the head of organized crime in Chicago before John Marcone. He first appears in Storm Front.

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

Tony Vargassi was the leader of the Vargassi family, who controlled organized crime in Chicago for many years.[1]

Sometime before the events of Storm Front, the Vargassi family lost their position, and John Marcone became the head of organized crime.[1][2]

White NightEdit

His son, Marco, while intending to shoot John Marcone, accidentally shot a girl, Amanda Beckitt. The Vargassis then covered it up, having the comatose girl officially declared dead, while moving her to a different hospital in order to avoid the unfortunate consequences of the shooting: while her continued existence was of no matter, if they were never found out, she could be produced alive if they were ever tried for her murder.[2]

He and his son's whereabouts are unknown, although it is highly probable that Marcone is responsible for their disappearance.[2]


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