Dresden Files

Titanic bronze is an alloy of Olympian bronze and mordite. It first appears in Peace Talks.


It is an alloy of Olympian bronze and mordite.[1][2] In itself, mordite devours life, but alloyed with regular matter, it devours energy, and only beings of divine status can penetrate it.[2]

In the series[]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Etri admits that the creation and manipulation of titanic bronze is beyond his people's skill; only the Titans[Footnote 1] knew its secret. Mere physical power cannot even scratch it.[1]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Vadderung states that creatures of divine status, such as the Knights of the Cross can penetrate an armor made of it. Mab hypothesizes that Nicodemus Archleone, being of infernal origin, might manage the same.[2] John Marcone, host of Thorned Namshiel, is able to pierce it with an infernal knife.[3]



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