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The Tigress is a ghoul and assassin. She first appears in Summer Knight.


The Tigress is associated with the Red Court.[1] As a human she does not appear remarkable: medium height and build, no flaws nor curves, nothing standing out in jeans and Walmart smock. In her true form, her jaws gape wide, with lengthened canines and skin peeling fom her mouth. At the same time, she sports lawn-rakes talons, grey skin, features blending humans, baboons and hyena, showt wiry hairs, short legs, and long arms. She smells like decay.[1][2][3]

She can be recognized by a shriek like a bird of prey.[2]

She is often hired by Ace[3] and Maeve [4] She was killed by the Alphas.[3]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, the day it rained toads was the day the Tigress first attacked Harry in Lake Meadow Park disguised as a homeless woman. She pulled out a shotgun from her cart. She wasn't alone, there was a truckload of gunmen on the other side shooting at Harry and Billy Borden. Billy changed in a blink and charged her in wolf form. She was a ghoul, her features changed, raking Billy with talons extended. Harry dove for her dropped gun and shot her with her own shotgun in the belly. She took off in the truck with the other gunmen.[1]

The Tigress attacked Harry Dresden at WalMart right after the Mind Fog mist started spreading through the store. Murphy shot her multiple times. Her attack was followed by an attack by Grum and then the Chlorofiend, allowing the Tigress to escape.[2]

The Tigress also attacked him on the Lake Shore. Caught unaware, the Alphas overtake her and bury her in furry bodies. Ace confessed that he hired the Tigress and he shot Meryl accidentally aiming at Harry. He said that it was the Red Court vampires' price for protection against Maeve and Lloyd Slate. It was the Reds that told Ace where Harry would be.[3]

Proven Guilty and "Something Borrowed"[]

In "Something Borrowed" and Proven Guilty, displeased over the Tigress death, the Winter Lady Maeve in revenge sent her handmaiden Jenny Greenteeth to ruin Georgia and Billy Borden's wedding.[5][4]


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