Dresden Files

ThreeEye is a supernatural drug. It first appears in Storm Front.


ThreeEye is a magical potion disguised as a street drug. Some ingredients for it are found in Victor Sells residence, though not confirmed to be actually used. Absinthe is used as a base, with the Sight revealing its latent madness. Other ingredients are ammonia, peyote mushrooms, powdered alum, antifreeze, glitter in different metallic shades.[1]

It was manufactured and distributed by warlock Victor Sells; where and from whom he got the formula and knowledge for this complex potion is unknown, and is the first hint at the existence of a Black Council.[2]

The drug enables users to gain a measure of the Sight, allowing them to see or sense supernatural presences that are lost to human eyes. One junkie is able to see the shadow of He Who Walks Behind around Harry Dresden.[3]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front, Victor Sells is staking out a new power-base in the criminal underworld and the supernatural community as a supplier of ThreeEye.[3] In the process, he kills Tommy Tomm and Jennifer Stanton.[4] He also attacks Harry Dresden with a summoned demon when he starts investigating his activities, on his wife's behest.[5]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden mentions the Three-Eye murder ring when informing his associates in Molly Carpenter's apartment that blood can be used to kill.[6]


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