White Court

The Skavis is a White Court vampire from House Skavis, first seen in White Night.


The Skavis was a pale, effeminate-looking male, who hid himself under the guise of Priscilla of the Ordo Lebes.[1] As such, he always wore turtlenecks to pass a one of the Ordo's women.[2] He was intent in abducting and killing off practitioners in an effort to cull off potential progenitors for wizards and framing the Wardens.[3][4]

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White NightEdit

In White Night, the Skavis puts Elaine Mallory under a psychic attack of despair making her attempt suicide. Harry Dresden mind-talks to her, warns her what's happening. Elaine fights off the Skavis attack then blasted him from the building with: Fulminaris.[5]


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