The Leanansidhe,[Footnote 1] or Lea, is a faerie of the Winter Court and Harry Dresden's faerie godmother. She first appears in Grave Peril.


A High Sidhe with unusual physical features, she is a high-ranking and very powerful member of the Winter Court. Being owed some debts by Harry Dresden, she has sold them to Queen Mab.[1]

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Sometimes helpful,[2] sometimes antagonistic,[3] the Leanansidhe is a long-term presence in Harry Dresden's life. Her help is often essential to Dresden's activities, from his defeat of Justin DuMorne,[2] to his retrieval of his daughter from the Red Court.[4]

Dresden owes her some important debts, which she has sold to Mab,[1] ultimately leading Dresden to assume the Winter Knight's Mantle.[5] However, in Dresden's period as a ghost, she takes charge of Molly Carpenter's training in fighting and survival, which allows Molly to go through a tough life on the streets.[6]


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