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Red Court

The Kiss is the term indicating the saliva of a Red Court vampire. The term first appears in Storm Front,[1] and is first so named in Death Masks.[2]


A Red Court vampire's saliva includes a very addictive narcotic.[1] The saliva acts on contact, and it is used to subdue an intended victim before feeding; Red Court uses it to addict whole villages when they feed on the inhabitants.[3] Should they need, Red Court vampires can spray it toward a target.[4] If ingested, the saliva spreads very quickly in the victim's whole body and is therefore much more potent.[5] Its effects on human beings can be counteracted by a potion,[6] while Red Court vampires are immune to it.[7]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front, Bianca St. Claire coats Rachel's arm with her saliva, before starting to feed on her. Rachel's behavior is that of a junkie who just got her fix.[1]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Kelly Hamilton manages to get her saliva on Harry Dresden's skin,[8] but Mister manages to prevent from spreading in Dresden's system by exposing the wound to sunlight.[9] Later, at Bianca St. Claire's ball, he realizes that the offered wine is poisoned with vampire venom, and that he's the target. He manages to throw it up.[5] However, Dresden is exposed for the third time to the Kiss, when Susan Rodriguez playfully bites him after her becoming a half-vampire.[10]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, Harry Dresden dreams of kissing Susan Rodriguez and vicariously re-experiences the effects of the Kiss.[11]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez kiss, realizing they loved each other. On this occasion, Rodriguez formally names the narcotic in the Red Court vampire as the Kiss.[12]

Later, when Paolo Ortega challenges him in a duel, Dresden prepares a potion to counteract its effects, including stale coffee as a base, a small photo of Meat Loaf for sight, a rooster's crow for sound, skunk hair for smell, sandpaper for touch, powdered aspirin for taste, a surgeon general's warning against smoking for the mind and incense smoke for the spirit.[6]


In Changes, the Kiss is mentioned again, once in a kiss between Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez,[13] and again when a Red Court vampire attacks Dresden, with his tongue protruded and ready to deliver it.[14]


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