Dresden Files
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The Dresden Files RPG is a role-playing game developed by Evil Hat Productions, based on Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files series.

Role playing game[]

Your Story - Volume 1[]


Your Story

Tell Us Your Story

Beneath the "normal" surface of the world are things and people which most of us don't want to know about, and will do our best to forget about if we ever come near them. People won't see what they don't want to see.

But that's most of us. And you—you're not most of us.

Whether you're a champion of God, changeling, vampire, werewolf, wizard, or plain “vanilla” mortal human being, this volume of The Dresden Files RPG gives you all the rules you need to build characters and tell your own stories in the Dresdenverse. Inside, you’ll uncover the secrets of spellcasting, the extents of mortal and supernatural power, and the hidden occult reality of the unfamiliar city you call home.

Our World - Volume 2[]


Our World

Step Into Our World

We are wizards, cops, mechanics, werewolves, doctors, fairies, mobsters, reporters, holy warriors, and vampires.

We call upon the dark powers of the Nevernever — or the darkness in human nature.

We are the monsters living next door or lurking behind a friendly face.

This is the Dresden Files. This is Our World.

This volume of The Dresden Files RPG gives you extensive detail on the factions, creatures, foes, and allies of the Dresden Files. You’ll find over 200 creatures and characters complete with all the information you’ll need to bring them into your own game, as well as a detailed chapter on modern-day Occult Chicago by Kenneth Hite, and an original short story by Jim Butcher.

Paranet Papers - Volume 3[]


The Paranet Papers

Stand together against the darkness…

In Jim Butcher’s bestselling Dresden Files books, the forces of good bond together into an organization called the Paranet in a desperate attempt to protect each other in the equally desperate war against big baddies like the Red Court and the Denarians. Now you can bring the Paranet to your Dresden Files RPG game with the Paranet Papers supplement. Travel to locations in crisis like Las Vegas and South America to fight evil. Team up with characters from Turn Coat and Changes to fight evil. Join up with other Paranetters to…well, you get the picture.

The Paranet Papers. Because playing with wizards wasn’t dangerous enough already.

Dresden Files Accelerated[]


Dresden Files Accelerated

PARKOUR! Leap right into the Dresdenverse!

Welcome to Dresden Files Accelerated, a pared-down, pick up and play RPG set in the world of Jim Butcher’s NYT bestselling Dresden Files series. Take a jaunt through the Nevernever, stand up to the Black Court, and sit down for a pint at Mac’s. This book contains all you need to make it happen.

In this book, Ivy—a.k.a. the Archive—will walk you through everything you need to know to get your game running.

Fun. Fast. FUEGO!

Concerning canonicity[]

Fred Hicks, the producer of the RPG has stated:[1]

It is not Word of Jim, but it's close. The blacked out stuff that folks can discover in the PDFs are 4th wall breaking stuff, mainly an in joke for people who figure out how to read it. Beyond that there are elements of the text that are at least slightly inaccurate or more often incomplete because the rpg as presented is being filtered through Billy -- a version of Billy who was more clued in prior to Turn Coat, so the rpg itself is at least a little alternate universe in its conceit. But regardless we made it as close to the spruce material as we could manage, because we wanted the setting parts of it to work as a legitimate fan guide too.



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