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Talos is a faerie, and the Lord Marshall of the Summer Court. He first appears in Summer Knight.


He had a quiet confidence and relaxed strength. He wears spell-repelling mail armor that enables him to impersonate an ogre.[1]

Harry Dresden describes him as having feline eyes the color of summer sky, pale, straight hair, shoulder length. He wore dark green thight trousers and a whitset linen shirt. Talos seemed less alien than most of the Sidhe.[2]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, he was first introduced when Harry Dresden met him trying to get Elaine Mallory to the Summer Lady, Aurora. He stopped the centaur Korrick from attacking Harry.[2]

Harry was ambushed by Grum who came out from a veil with Elaine Mallory behind him. When Harry came to, Mother Winter's Unraveling was taken and he was held prisoner within Aurora's toadstool circle. He told Lord Talos that he could drop the Grum-glamour and be Talos and so could the black unicorn revert to being Korrick. Lloyd Slate and Elaine were also there. He stands by while Aurora questions Harry how he pieced together her plot and what he knows.[3]

On the battlefield, of the war between the Faerie Courts, Aurora ordered Talos, Slate and the Summer Sidhe to kill Harry, Meryl, Fix, Billy Borden and the Alphas. Meryl blocked Talos' sword swing at Harry with an "X" formed by her axe and machete and hit his nose with her head—then Slate pierced her with his sword. Talos charged Harry, who shot him point-blank with a .357.

In the battle at the Stone Table, Aurora ordered him to kill Harry. Meryl, in troll form and badly wounded, gets to him first. He cuts off her hand, but with her other hand, grabs him by the leg and fell on him, crushing him as she died.[4]


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