Svartalfheim is the Svartalves kingdom. It is first mentioned in B is for Bigfoot.


Svartalfheim, [] That’s... that’s not good.Justine commenting about the kingdom[1]

Svartalfheim is the Svartalves kingdom. Little is known about it other than it is a powerful interest, and that it is extremely punctilious in repaying its own debts.[1]

In the seriesEdit

"B is for Bigfoot"Edit

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden informs Irwin Pounder that he does not wish to enter in a conflict with Svartalfheim.[2]

Cold DaysEdit

In Cold Days, Molly Carpenter, Justine and Andi Macklin, enter Svartalfheim's embassy to extract Thomas Raith, who the Svartalves were purported to have kidnapped and held prisoner. While Raith did not need to be rescued, they manage to prevent the Fomors from exploding a bomb at the embassy; the Svartalves repay Carpenter with an owed favor.[1]


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