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Summer Court

The Summer Queens by Nana Leonti

The Summer Court is one of the Faerie Courts, ruling over part of Faerie in the Nevernever.


Summer is most often associated with growth and heat which is directly opposed to the Winter Court. The Summer Court is ruled by three Queens, collectively known as the Summer Queens. In addition, Summer counts many Sidhe and lesser faeries as members of the greater Summer Court. Finally, as with the Winter Court, a single mortal champion is appointed by the Summer Queens; the Summer Knight.[1]

The power of the Summer Court and its rulers is tied closely to the seasons in the mortal world. Summer gains power from Midwinter to Midsummer and loses power from Midsummer to Midwinter. During the time Summer is in ascendance, the Stone Table resides in the realm of Summer.


The Summer Queens by Erin Rosenzweig. Website

The Summer Court is ruled by the three Summer Queens: Mother Summer, Summer Queen, and Summer Lady.[2] It also keeps a mortal champion, the Summer Knight.[1]

Mother Summer[]

Mother Summer is the oldest of the Summer Queens. She was the previous Summer Queen, and is the mother of the current one. She is not referred to by name but by her position.[1]

Sometime in recorded history, Titania's mother became the current holder of the title.[3]

Summer Queen[]

The Summer Queen is the ruler of the Summer Court. She was the Summer Lady, and will be the future Mother Summer. The current Summer Queen is Titania.[2]

Summer Lady[]

The Summer Lady is the youngest of the three Summer Queens. She is the future Summer Queen, sometimes the daughter of the current one.

Aurora was the Summer Lady up to Summer Knight,[4] when she was replaced by Lily,[5] in turn replaced by Sarissa.[6]

Summer King[]

The summer king is a Wyldfae associated with the season of Summer, though there is no single specific one.[7] He is independent of the Queens, and his nature is opposite of the Queens.[7]

The only known Summer King is the Erlking.[8]

Summer Knight[]

The Summer Knight is a mortal chosen as the champion of the Summer Court.[2] Ronald Reuel wore the Mantle up to Summer Knight,[9] when he was replaced by Fix.[5]


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