Strength of a River in his Shoulders, which Harry Dresden shortens to River Shoulders, is a male Bigfoot, friend and client of Dresden's. He first appears in "B is for Bigfoot".


As a Sasquatch of the Three Stars Forest People, he is massive, tall, heavily muscled, covered with shaggy brown fur. His proportions are slightly inhuman, his face broad, blunt, and brow-ridged, which dwarfs his eyes.[1] He likes to smoke, and, like all of his kind, he is very patient. He sired Irwin Pounder, by Dr. Helena Pounder.[2]

In the seriesEdit

"B is for Bigfoot"Edit

In "B is for Bigfoot", he arranges to meet Harry Dresden in the forest - the wizard playing host at a campfire - and arranges for Dresden to check on his son Irwin Pounder.[2]

"I Was a Teenage Bigfoot"Edit

In "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot", he meets Harry Dresden at a campfire in the forest, where a group of students led by Dr. Sinor attempts to attract a Bigfoot. Upon his arrival, Dresden scares the group away in a practical joke, he comments that the wizard has an underdeveloped sense of humor. He asks him again to check on his son which encounters some trouble at school.[1]

"Bigfoot on Campus"Edit

In "Bigfoot on Campus", he and Harry Dresden again meet outdoors at a campfire, around a dinner of steak, McAnally's Pale Ale and a cigar. River Shoulders asks for the third time that Dresden checks on Irwin, and this time Dresden asks as a payment that father and son finally meet.[3]


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