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Storm Front, Volume 1: The Gathering Storm is a graphic novel in four parts released January 2009. It is the first part adapted by Mark Powers and illustrated by Adrian Syaf from author Jim Butcher's Dresden Files novel, Storm Front. It is set in the novel's timeline[1]


Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is an investigator of the supernatural who also happens to be a wizard. Dresden uses his powers to aid the Chicago police when they investigate cases beyond their comprehension. But, due to a mysterious episode in his past, Dresden is being watched closely by the White Council, a group determined to enforce the Seven Laws of Magic and prevent magical users and creates from running amok! [2]


Meet Harry Dresden, the only practicing wizard listed in the Chicago yellow pages - and the only person Chicago P.D. calls when they encounter a case that just can't be solved using traditional methods. Harry's unique gifts allow him to see beyond the everyday world into a strange realm of magic and monsters. Unfortunately for Harry, the pay isn't all that great. When the police call Harry in as a consultant on a brutal double homicide, he quickly finds himself tangled in a web of missing persons, murder, and black magic!

Part 2[]

Harry Dresden is haunted by dark secrets of his past and stalked by a dangerous gangland king as he confronts the powerful vampiress Bianca and continues his investigation into the bizarre disappearance of businessman Victor Sells.

Part 3[]

Long ago, Harry Dresden violated the First Law of Magic. Now any violation could trigger his death sentence. Though it may cost his life, to solve two brutal murders Harry may have no other choice.

Part 4[]

Surrounded by enemies and distrusted by even his friends, Harry's efforts to solve a brutal killing are complicated as he finds himself the leading suspect in the crime!

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