Dresden Files

Stevie D, or Steven Douglas, is a professional assassin. He first appears in Changes.


Stevie D is a blocky professional assassin who killed Torelli a few years prior to the events in ChangesHarry Dresden had heard of him before.[1]

He seems to genuinely care whether Waldo Butters survived being shot by him. He asks how the little guy is and he is relieved to learn that Butters was wearing a Kevlar vest. He says he wouldn't want to do time for killing the wrong guy, but that everything he had heard about Dresden told him that he couldn't play around, and he had needed Butters out of his line-of-sight.[1]

In the series[]


In Changes, Stevie D shows up at Saint Mary of the Angels, where Harry Dresden, his back broken, has gone seeking shelter from the Eebs who can't enter the sanctuary. Stevie D shoots Waldo Butters twice to get him out of the way, then aims at Dresden's head.[2] Dresden utilizes his new ability accessing Winter ice in a spell that freezes the gun. Stevie drops it. Father Forthill tackles the assassin, who kicks him in the jaw. Molly Carpenter tries to fight him, but Stevie elbows her in the neck. Butters then zaps Stevie with the naked wires of the defib unit, making him lose consciousness. After Stevie comes to, Dresden questions him. After Dresden threatens to inform John Marcone on him, he reveals that a woman matching Susan Rodriguez's description hired him to kill Dresden. As agreed, Dresden releases Stevie D.[3]

Dresden deduces that it was the Eebs, not Rodriguez, who hired Stevie D to kill him inside Saint Mary's. Esmeralda Batiste can make Stevie believe she was Susan with her eyes. And it's exactly her style.[4]


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