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A staff is a common magical focus. It first appears in Storm Front.


Staves are usually wooden, three to six feet long, and engraved with runes. They are often used as magical foci by wizards. The proper hand to carry it is the left hand.[1] By definition, a staff can also serve as a cane or as a cudgel.

Harry Dresden considers his staff the most versatile of all his foci. It serves to simply aid in the redirection of forces, such as calling wind, bending steel bars, channeling lightning, erecting barriers of force, disrupting hostile magics, and sometimes as a big stick for hitting things.[2] From Blood Rites through White Night, Dresden can access Hellfire through it.[3][4]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front, Harry Dresden uses his staff to direct the lines of magical power he is using.[5]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Harry Dresden has a newly carved staff.[1]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden uses it as a lance boosted with force magic directed at Lord Raith's guards' car that was blocking the road to the Deeps with Karrin Murphy on her Harley at high speed. The force was shooting out of ahead of them in blue and purple flickers of flame and it blasted the vehicle out of their way.[2]


In Changes, the Ik'k'uox smashed the Blue Beetle together with Thomas Raith's white Jag. Harry Dresden's staff was in the car.[6]

Skin Game[]

Between Cold Days and Skin Game, he had constructed a new staff on Demonreach using implements left over from the construction of the What's Up Dock.[7]


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