Squires are tongueless humans in the service of Nicodemus Archleone, and absolutely loyal to him. They first appear in Death Masks.


Two ranks are distinguished: lower-ranked Brothers, which are still provided with their tongue and can talk, and higher-ranked Squires, tongueless and mute. A brother is promoted to squire by having his tongue bitten off from his mouth.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Death MasksEdit

In Death Masks, squires are introduced as goons and bodyguards for Nicodemus Archleone. They behave standoffishly and in complete silence. Nicodemus explains that their tongue is removed; this, however does not appear to necessarily deter potential recruits.[2]

Skin GameEdit

In Skin Game, one of them, Brother Jordan, welcomes Queen Mab and Harry Dresden to the conference with him, and is promoted to Squire; Deirdre is tasked with biting off his tongue.[1]


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