Dresden Files

A spirit of intellect is a spirit with extensive mental and intellectual capabilities. They are living libraries, as they are immortal and never forget anything. The only time a spirit of intellect can forget something is if they choose to or are ordered to by someone they are bound to. Since the spirit is comprised of actual knowledge, forgetting anything is like cutting off a limb and in extreme cases may create a separate intellectual entity (Bob vs. Evil Bob).

As a spirit, it needs a vessel to live in outside of the Nevernever or it will be destroyed by the sunrise (just as ghosts use their graves to protect them). A spirit of intellect can, however, hitch a ride in a corporeal body with permission.

The strength of an individual spirit of intellect is dependent upon their knowledge, therefore one who has more knowledge and experience will be much stronger than younger spirits and ghosts.


They may be created by mortals and spiritual entities sharing an act of love.[1]

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Notable spirits of intellect[]


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