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A spell is an act of magic: a sequence of thoughts, words, and actions by which a practitioner channels magical energy to produce a change in the world.


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Curses, such as malocchio, entropy curse, and the death curse are spells intended to do harm. They need some means of directing the magic at a target; body parts like hair, nail-clippings, fresh blood work best.[1] To make a curse long-lasting, it needs to be anchored to an object or a blood relation.[2]

Really strong curses require three people to cast the spell: one to gather the energy, one to shape it, one to aim it.[2]

Props and tools[]

Though spells are mental constructs, most magical practitioners use various physical objects in casting them; many spells can be extremely complex and difficult to cast properly. The use of props reduces the required mental effort.[3]

A long-duration spell needs to be anchored to either objects, such as Harry Dresden's blasting rod,[2] or people, in which case they need to be blood relatives to either the caster or the target. The Bloodline curse is such a case.[4]

Circles of power are one of the basic tools of magic. An empowered circle creates a barrier that magical forces and beings of the Nevernever cannot cross, preventing magical interference from the outside. Circles can also be used to contain supernatural beings or keep them out.[5][6] Setting up circles, gathering energy, and aligning forces can be time-consuming.[7]

Names anchor thaumaturgical links to the being bearing them. Correct pronunciation is essential, and it is necessary that the name is given from the Name's bearer.[5] Thaumaturgical links can also be created by enchanting a piece of the target; for human beings, hair strands, nail clippings, or fresh blood are excellent choices and can be used to aim a thaumaturgic spell at the person they were taken from.[8][9]

Mirrors can be used as gateways by many things, such as Fetches, which is the reason Dresden doesn't keep any in his home.[10]

Foci are magically prepared objects used to direct and execute spells. Common examples are staves, blasting rods, Pentagrams[11] and pentacles.[11]

Homunculi[Footnote 1] are objects used to temporarily host a spirit incapable of manifesting a physical form of its own. Some practitioners use fresh corpses,[12] Dresden uses a Cabbage Patch doll[Footnote 2] as a vessel for Ulsharavas.[12]

Cats are magic-friendly, and can move back and forth across magic boundaries, like circles without disturbing them.[13] Cats can also see ghosts and spirits.[14]

Blood has a kind of power; a practitioner can use blood to track the person who spilled it.[15] Once it dries, or is excessively diluted, it's harder, if not impossible, to use.[15][16] Different amounts of blood are needed according to the efficiency and skill of the magic user and how much energy the spell requires.[16]

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