Dresden Files

The Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress,[1][2] also known as the Librarians,[1][2] the Librum Bellum,[1] or the Men in Black,[1] is an organization whose existence was alluded to before finally being mentioned in Battle Ground. It is a secret division of the United States government under the Library of Congress, tasked with learning and collecting information about the supernatural, and intentionally shutting down any potential leak of its existence to the public.


They are the eyes and ears of the US government, a federal agency with centuries of collective knowledge through the Freemasons, who learn whatever they can. Lara Raith calls them smart, skilled, dedicated, professional, and considers them extremely dangerous.[1]

In the series[]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon, Susan Rodriguez's video of Karrin Murphy and Harry Dresden killing the Loup-garou mysteriously gets taken down after only two days. Dresden chalks it up to people not wanting to believe in the supernatural, but also speculates that if anyone in the government did believe, they would do anything to suppress the knowledge.[3] This later proves correct.[4]

"Dog Men"[]

In "Dog Men", agents Biggs and Lytle dispatched to investigate a series of unusual murders in Taylor are described by Listens-to-Wind as being from a government agency that does not officially exist.[5]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, they are mentioned and explained to Evanna by Lara Raith, with the Accorded nations treating their possible involvement post-Battle of Chicago with considerable amount of concern. Raith calls Donar Vadderung an optimist when he suggests that they are already in the city and might have already identified each and all of them.[1]

Word of Jim[]

If I was going to do anything in the modern era, it would have to be set after the Dresden Files climax, and I would probably focus on characters in the non-powerful-nation parts of the story: Guys like Vince, the Venatori, and the Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress. (Do NOT screw with the Librarians. Holy moly. Just don't.)Jim Butcher on the Librarians.[2]