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Soulfire is the ability to use the soul to enhance magic, affiliated with heaven. It is the antithesis of Hellfire.[1] It first appears in Small Favor.


Soulfire consumes part of the user's soul to enhance their magic. The soul regenerates over time, or through acts which are "good for the soul", but will kill the user if it is completely drained. While Hellfire increases the power of violent and destructive spells, soulfire increases the power of creative spells, using a portion of the soul as a matrix for a spell in the process.[1]

Angels use soulfire, as they are made of nothing but soul.[1]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Harry Dresden first unknowingly uses soulfire against Namshiel in the Aquarium. It manifests itself as a massive silvery simulacrum of his hand.[2] Dresden is granted the use of soulfire by the Archangel Uriel.[1]

Bob informs Dresden that soulfire is powered by one's soul. It forms a matrix around which one builds a spell, giving it much more power. Given time, the soul can regenerate, unless it is used all up. If the soul is exhausted, however, the consequences are not pleasant.[1]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Harry Dresden uses soulfire to boost his Sanctum invocation on Demonreach, allowing him to do battle with the spirit where he continues to use it to power up his spells. [3]

During his battle on Demonreach with Shagnasty the Naagloshii, he again uses soulfire to super-charge his supernatural garrote.[4] Though he defeats the spell by making a Circle of Power, Shagnasty seems impressed with Dresden's use of it, asking who gifted him with the "life fire". As the creature approaches to kill him, Dresden starts to prepare a Death curse backed with soulfire. He isn't sure if anyone has ever done so before, or what the consequences would be, but he is saved the trouble thanks to Toot-Toot's rescue.[5]


Soulfire isn’t really a destructive force. It’s sort of the opposite, actually.— Dresden[6]

In Changes, Harry Dresden unintentionally laces his fire spells with soulfire in the Red Court attack on his office building.[7] The effect this has on his body is very taxing; its use draws upon his own life energy and he worries he may kill himself by overusing it.[8]

Dresden laces fire magic with soulfire again in the Nevernever garden on the other side of his apartment.[9] He pours as much of it as possible into a spell used in defense of Mouse[10] and it causes him to eventually pass out.[11]

Dresden uses soulfire to create realistic illusions of his companions. This use results in illusions of far greater detail than has been seen before. According to Dresden, though he uses it for his destructive magic, it really shines when used to create things.[6]

He uses soulfire in the attack on Chichén Itzá, firstly during his callout of Arianna Ortega to cast his body in a silvery light,[12] and again during his duel with Ortega, lacing both his force and fire spells with it.[13] He continues to use it throughout the attack, destroying one Jaguar Warrior and then using as much as he can in an attack against the Red King.[14]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden infuses his first fire-based spell since returning from the dead with some soulfire. Combined with his new power as the Winter Knight the spell becomes a blue-white flame burning incredibly hot.[15] He also uses it to infuse his raw will when attempting to break free of Mother Winter’s will. Dresden claims that, according to Bob, soulfire is one of the fundamental forces of the universe and the original power of creation. It is accessed by slicing off a bit of your soul and converting it to something else. However, Dresden believes that is not quite accurate. It interacts with souls in a way nobody understands. It converts the user’s entire being and identity into energy.[16]

Dresden infuses his mental defenses against He Who Walks Before with soulfire, allowing him to break free of the assault.[17]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Harry Dresden infuses his fuego spell with the "Silver white fire of Creation itself", creating a basketball sized comet of soulfire he throws into the face of Polonius Lartessa against her Fallen, Imariel.[18]

Inside Hades' Vault, Nicodemus Archleone attacks Dresden, unleashing Anduriel as a vast darkness slamming down upon him. Dresden counters using a soulfire-infused light spell, which keeps Anduriel at bay.[19] Hannah Ascher then attacks Dresden using Hellfire which he deflects by adding soulfire to a cyclone spell.[20]


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