A sorcerer is a higher-grade form of practitioner, a person with above-average magical abilities, but not as powerful or versatile as a wizard.


In Blood Rites, the term is used as a kind of industry term, denoting practitioners who, with practice or tapping into a power source, show more-than-average magical abilities. Sorcerers have limited versatility, specialized in a one or a small number of spells, but can get powerful enough to become violent and cause serious magical damage.[1]

A wizard is always a sorcerer, but a sorcerer isn't always a wizard. Someone is usually considered a sorcerer either when they don't have enough power to become a full wizard, or when they do have enough power but simply lack the training and resources of a White Council wizard.

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In Blood Rites,

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In Aftermath, Mag is mentioned as a sorcerer-level practitioner.[2]


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