Dresden Files

Something Borrowed is a short story in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. It is set between Dead Beat and Proven Guilty.[1] It was included in the anthology Side Jobs.


It is Georgia and Billy Borden's wedding day. The evening before, returning from the bachelor party to Billy’s place, Harry Dresden and the Alphas had come across a ghoul terrorizing an old woman in a parking lot, prompting them into a fight, which was made more difficult because they were drunk, resulting in various injuries. Billy's best man, Kirby, was put in hospital, forcing Dresden to step in as a replacement.

The wedding is complicated by the kidnapping of Georgia, with the faerie Jenny Greenteeth taking her place. Georgia is rescued by Dresden and Karrin Murphy, and Jenny is later killed by Billy and Georgia in their wolf form.

Billy and Georgia finally get married that night by Father Forthill in his study at Saint Mary of the Angels, with Dresden and Murphy standing with them as best man and matron of honor.


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