Soldiers of Valhalla, also known Warriors of Valhalla or Einherjaren[1] are supernatural mercenaries. They are first seen in White Night


Einerjaren are expensive supernatural mercenaries provided by Monoc Securities. A few are guarding the Chicago Alliance Headquarters.[2] Harry Dresden describes them as "post-dead Norse warriors of Valhalla".[3]

Big, tough-looking men whose muscles stretch out their skin, they typically dress in biker leathers and wear swords, wear bristly beards and have universally pale eyes.[2]

Known soldiers are Skaldi Skjeldson[4] and Sven.[2]

Waldo Butters stated they are Marcone's soldiers and they need to arrange their services to fight the Grey GhostCorpsetaker—with Childs.[5]

In the seriesEdit

White NightEdit

In White Night, they were with Marcone in the Battle of the Deeps.[6]


In Changes, Harry Dresden saw them at Monoc Securities and recognized three of them from the Battle of the Deeps. Gard said that they are for hire if you can afford them, but the prices may vary.[1]

Ghost StoryEdit

In Ghost Story, they stand guard at the Headquarters of the Chicago Alliance. Murphy trains with one of them: Skaldi Skjeldson.[2]

Cold DaysEdit

In Cold Days, mention is made that Murphy still trains with them.[7]

Skin GameEdit

In Skin Game, Skaldi Skjeldson is guarding the door when Harry Dresden visits the Chicago Alliance Headquarters to talk to Marcone.[8]


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