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Silverlight Studios is a pornographical movie studio on the West Coast, mentioned in Blood Rites.


The studio is owned by the House Raith.[1] Arturo Genosa used to be affiliated with it, but broke off to found his own, decision that eventually led him becoming a client of Harry Dresden's.[2]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

Per Joan Dallas, anyone who works with Genosa now, risks getting blacklisted.[3]

According to Emma, all the cast on Arturo's film production, is under contract to Silverlight. Although Arturo left them, he had it put in his contract that he could continue hiring cast from Silverlight for three months after his departure. Aturo wants to do three films, the one they are making now is the second. If the film goes over well, they'll have leverage to either quit their contracts with Silverlight or get better terms. — If the movies crash, Silverlight won't pick up their contracts.[4]


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