Dresden Files
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Runes[Footnote 1] are letters of a Germanic alphabet used in Northern Europe before the spread of the Latin alphabet. They first appear in "Welcome to the Jungle".


Runes are a very ancient[1] and powerful magic, tricky to deal with correctly.[2]

In the series[]

"Welcome to the Jungle"[]

In "Welcome to the Jungle", Dr. Dana Watson uses Akkadian mystic runes, which look like ancient Sumerian,[Footnote 1] in her magic. According to Bob, they're rarer than Hell.[1]


In "Heorot", Miss Gard uses Norse[Footnote 2] runes in her hunt of the Grimalkin, devoting them the care and attention one would to military grade explosives. One of them is a Rune of Routine, which she used against the Malks in the way into Underworld, another is a Sunder Rune, which she used to cover her and Harry Dresden's tracks in the way out.[2]

"Last Call"[]

In "Last Call", runes are carved on Harry Dresden's wand, and he makes them glow orange in order to threaten Burt Decker.[3]