Rudolph is a human male, member of the Chicago Police Department. He first appears in Fool Moon as a rookie cop.


Rudolph first appeared as a rookie cop in the S.I. department of the Chicago Police Department. At first he didn't believe in the supernatural and kept asking if the loup-garou is a prank for the rookie. He later transfers to Internal Affairs[Footnote 1] and makes several appearances throughout the story, most of the time trying to expose Harry Dresden as a fraud or get Karrin Murphy fired.

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In Fool Moon,

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In Changes, Rudolph points FBI Agent Barry Tilly at Harry Dresden after the latter office building explodes.[1] Dresden suspects that Rudolph is someone's puppet.[2] Dresden and Molly Carpenter staked out his house—which is nicer than a police detectives should be—to catch his "handler/cleaner",[3] which turned out to be Esmeralda and Esteban Batiste had hired Rudolph and brought an Ik'k'uox to kill him.[4] Later, at FBI Headquarters, Rudolph harassed Murphy and Dresden, threatening to take Murphy's badge and weapon. Just then, the Eebs attack with a vampire troop and the Ik'k'uox.[5] Rudolph freaks out and becomes kind of unresponsive. Agent Tilly is put in charge of him while Dresden and Susan Rodriguez organize the escape from the vampires.[6]


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